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If you’ve been enjoying hardwood flooring for years or have purchased a “fixer upper” and have scuffed, scratched, stained and warped flooring to contend with, you may be thinking it is time to replace the floors. Wood is a durable material and it is designed to last for decades, so just because your hardwood floors are in bad shape doesn’t mean you have to give up on them just yet. Shore Side Carpet & Flooring has twenty years of experience in flooring and we’ve perfected the art of Hardwood Restoration.

Our professionally trained flooring experts can breathe new life into your old hardwood flooring. Through buffing, sanding, sealing and staining we can revitalize your floor, making it look like the day it was installed. We work quickly and efficiently, taking careful steps not to disrupt your working or living environment. We keep the work area tidy and well contained, and when we leave, the only thing left behind is a beautiful, refinished hardwood floor. That is why we are the top choice in Maryland for hardwood flooring Restoration services.

Why Restore?

When a thorough cleaning no longer brings back the shine, it may be time to think about Restoration your hardwood floor. Other signs that you may need to refinish include: deep scratches that cut through to the floor’s protective coating, stubborn stains, warping or areas where the protective coating is worn away, exposing wood fibers.

A tongue-and-groove solid hardwood floor that is 3/4″ thick can undergo Restoration about 10 times during its useful life. Engineered hardwood flooring, with its multi-ply construction, can also be refinished, but not as many times. The frequency of Restoration hardwood floors depends on the daily wear and tear on the floor, as well as the hardness rating of the species. Also keep in mind that Armstrong prefinished floors won’t need to refinished as often as hardwood floors that were originally finished on site.

Restoration hardwood floors typically takes at least three days when done properly, and that is precisely how we do it. We’ll refurbish your hardwood and save you a lot of money, since Restoration is much more affordable than replacing. So, if your hardwood floors have lost their luster, get the most out of them with Restoration from Shore Side Carpet & Flooring. It’ll extend their lifespan and keep your interior looking presentable.

Our Maryland Hardwood Restoration Expert Services

  • Hardwood Floor Restoration
  • Hardwood Sanding
  • Hardwood Floor Sealing
  • Hardwood Staining

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