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carpeted living room

Whether you are remodeling or building an addition to your home, part of the process will be making decisions about new flooring. In fact, your entire home improvement project might be installing new flooring in some part of your house. You may be considering replacing the old, worn flooring with a newer version of the same thing. Or, you could be pondering installing an entirely different flooring and transforming the design altogether. This is an example of some of the important decisions that you will need to make when taking on a renovation project for your Maryland home.

Here are a few considerations to keep in mind during this process:

Carpeting is an affordable and easy to install choice, and it can work in just about any room or design, with the exception of rooms prone to moisture or plumbing (bathroom, laundry room, kitchen, etc). For bedrooms, living rooms, dens and other common areas, carpeting gives you design versatility and a comfortable environment. You’ll be able to choose a design and texture you like in any of a number of price ranges. Carpet is also quick and easy to install, and a great option for families with small children.

Linoleum and sheet vinyl are very popular floor covering choices for kitchens, bathrooms and other rooms with plumbing. These materials are water resistant, very easy to clean and maintain and you can choose from a huge array of colors, textures and designs. Both linoleum and sheet vinyl are also made in designs that look a lot like more expensive natural materials, (wood, stone). Both of these materials are economical and easy to install.

New Hardwood and Engineered Wood flooring are also very traditional and popular materials in Maryland. Hardwood is made of planks of various kinds of wood. Many hardwood options also have sealants and coating that helps protect the integrity of natural wood. Engineered wood flooring is made by gluing together three to five pieces of hardwood and laminating them together. Hardwood and engineered wood are a bit pricier and not resistant to water, but they are gorgeous and provide a rich look that isn’t easily imitated.

Laminate flooring is a very good choice around children and pets. Laminate starts with a fiber core, then a printed layer that looks like wood or stone is attached and then a melamine coating is applied. Laminate is very popular because it is made to look like natural materials of all kinds. The melamine coating makes it water-resistant and scratch-resistant.

Ceramic tile has been around for a long time as well. It can be used for floors, walls, kitchen backsplashes, and more. It is a good choice in high-traffic areas because it is very easy to clean and maintain. With all of these options, you can choose an affordable flooring choice to finish any remodeling project or just to give a fresh look to any room of your home. When considering flooring options, be sure to contact a flooring professional with a good reputation in Maryland. A contractor who specializes in flooring will be able to give you the largest selection at the best prices as well as install your flooring quickly and accurately.

If you are looking for a Flooring Company in the Maryland area, please call Shore Side Carpet & Flooring at 410-643-5000 or complete our Online Request Form

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