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If you are someone who is concerned about your Maryland home being in fashion, then you are probably the type of person to watch for emerging style trends. What surprises many people is just how many options there are for exciting flooring looks, and how your own choices can drastically effect the finished appearance of your interior.

What’s Right for You?

With the new year comes exciting new options for flooring. All you need to do is decide what’s right for you.

Geometric Graphics – It’s a bit high tech but works wonder in homes that are going for uber modern. This approach uses distinctive graphics for a unique and distinctive outcome; it’s color meets neutrals and busy meets subdued, and all works brilliantly together.

Irregular Dots – Usually tone-on-tone to keep the outcome from being too hectic, this is the use of circles in a pattern that is anything but structured. Seemingly haphazard, this style makes your individual flooring pieces look as unique as wood grain.

Watercolor Hues – We’ve seen subtle and neutral and we have seen bold and vibrant, this falls somewhere in the middle. It’s the ideal way to introduce streaks of color, while still keeping things softer.

Of course, this is merely a sample of the options that you will have available come the new year. Make it a point to partner with an industry expert so that you can feel good about understanding your flooring options, and making positive choices.

Ready, Willing, and Eager to Serve

Shore Side Carpet & Flooring is the only name that you need to know, for exceptional flooring work. We are dedicated to offering our customers nothing but the best, be it classic or trendy. Don’t settle for less than complete excellence, when it comes to the flooring for your home.

If you are looking for a Flooring Company in the Maryland area, please call Shore Side Carpet & Flooring at 410-643-5000 or complete our Online Request Form

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