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How To Keep Your Hardwood Flooring Looking Great

Keep Your Hardwood Flooring Looking Great

Hardwood flooring is one of the best flooring options you can get for your Maryland home. Other flooring options may offer the beauty and other features that hardwood can, but few of them can match the sheer quality of features that this option has to offer. After all, by investing in quality hardwood for your home, you’ll be able to enjoy these great advantages:

  • It is one of the longest-lasting flooring options on the market
  • It can add tons of extra value to your home
  • It offers an unparalleled natural beauty that you’ll love

Of course, you won’t be able to enjoy those advantages to the fullest if you don’t give your hardwood flooring the proper care. Being slapdash about its upkeep can age it prematurely, requiring costly repairs or—worst of all—a full-blown replacement. So, to ensure that you get the most out of your hardwood for the longest amount of time, be sure to follow these essential care tips:

Wipe Away Water Spills Immediately

Water is a serious killer of hardwood flooring, as it can lead to warping, cracking, and even decomposition. So, if any amount of water has spilled on your hardwood, you need to get it wiped away quickly and thoroughly.

Use Felt Protective Pads for Heavy Furniture

Large furniture pieces can beautifully complement hardwood, but it can also damage it by bearing into it or leaving deep scratches from general movement. To avoid those unsightly problems, invest in some protective felt pads to put under your heavy furniture.

Be Sure You’re Cleaning It Regularly — And Correctly!

To maintain your hardwood flooring’s sheen, you need to be regular about cleaning it. More importantly, you need to be smart about cleaning it since the wrong cleaning can do more harm than good. To avoid that harm, just follow these hardwood cleaning tips:

  • NEVER use water to clean your hardwood flooring
  • Don’t use the vacuum beater bar attachment to clean your flooring
  • Sweep away all dust and dirt every day
  • Use a high-quality cleaner that’s specifically made for hardwood

Get Quality Hardwood Flooring from Our Maryland Team

There’s no point in giving this kind of care to your hardwood floor if it’s not a top-rate floor. To ensure you get the most beautiful hardwood for your home, look to Shore Side Carpet & Flooring. Our dependable flooring company in Maryland offers quality products and services to help you fully enjoy all the qualities hardwood has to offer.

If you are looking for hardwood flooring in the Maryland area, please call Shore Side Carpet & Flooring at 410-643-5000 or complete our Online Request Form

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